Sunday, December 20th, 2015

From the Program Director

Providing a unique learning experience for each child has been the goal at Zion Preparatory Academy since it’s inception. To begin this task and achieve our goals, we focus on a curriculum that develops the whole child. The curriculum is based on our philosophy of early childhood education:
  • High quality early childhood education meets the total needs of the
    individual child.
  • Children learn best through play – actively participating in and
    manipulating their environment.
  • Children learn all day long – during teacher directed activities and
    child-selected activities.
  • Children learn in a variety of individual ways using all five senses.
  • Children learn best in a positive stimulating environment designed to
    enhance their self-confidence and self esteem.
  • Our instructional program for children is based upon current research that
    documents developmentally appropriate activities for toddlers, three and four year olds.
  • Parents are viewed as important partners with us in their child’s care and education. Partnerships with parents include plans and dreams articulated during the enrollment interview, daily reports and regularly scheduled conferences, volunteer opportunities, readily available information on ages and stages of development and positive guidance.
Zion Preparatory Academy bases our instructional or educational program upon guiding principles set by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). Every experience plays some part in the growth and development of a child’s personality. Therefore our educational philosophy is not complete without clarifying our principles of positive guidance:
  • Children “learn what they live”. Our example of honest and fair action with
    all children, loving and calming words and gentle hugs of encouragement are the
    most powerful ways we teach children how to live in the world.
  • Teachers provide a positive environment where the rules are clear and
  • Teachers encourage positive behavior by being well prepared with
    age-appropriate learning activities directing children whose behavior is
    inappropriate to another activity praising and encouraging specific behavior.
  • Teachers use positive guidance techniques to direct children’s behavior.
    Physical punishment or verbal abuse by any adult, including parents, is not
    allowed on center property.
  • Our goal of discipline is to help children learn an inner control over their
    own behavior. Helping children express emotions using words rather than physical
    force best does this.
  • Conferences may be scheduled with parents to discuss concerns about a
    child’s behavior in order to gain their understanding and support of ways to
    work better with the child. Our goal is to work in partnership with parents.
  • When persistent behaviors make it difficult for them or the other children
    to fully benefit from classroom activities a written plan is developed to
    involve the parents, teachers, management team, staff, and community
We value the relationship we are able to build with our children and families and feel that this is the most rewarding aspect of our jobs. We offer you the opportunity to come see our wonderful learning environment. Please feel free to contact us for a tour we would be more than happy to accommodate you and look forward to seeing you!
Carol Brown