Sunday, December 20th, 2015

Preschool Village

Creative Curriculum

Zion teachers use the Creative Curriculum Developmental Continuum as a road map for assessing binomo and tracking each child’s developmental progress and learning experiences. The Developmental Continuum provides goals and objectives for developmental progression in each area. There is a sequence of steps that each child will experience as they advance toward each developmental milestone as he/she advances. Documentation of each child’s learning experience at each level enables our teachers to determine what kind of experiences will support the child’s progress.  The Continuum has a two-fold purpose, while providing a means for teachers to see areas in which a child excels, it also identifies binomo login areas of learning that require additional support.

Our Early Childhood classrooms are designed to assure children enter school with the skills necessary to be successful academically and socially.  Our literacy rich classrooms have a developmentally appropriate emphasis on early literacy and oral language skills integrated with an emphasis on children’s social and emotional development. Our teachers create a home away from home, a loving nurturing environment, while implementing development appropriate activities for the children in their care.

The Curriculum binomo minimum deposit is also appropriate for children who are English language learners.

Curriculum Goals

  • oral language and vocabulary
  • concepts of print
  • phonological awareness
  • alphabet knowledge
  • comprehension
  • early writing
  • early numeracy
  • social/emotional development
  • problem solving